Renting a Property

By Andrew Charalambous

Property is extremely expensive in the UK either if you want to rent and buy. Of course there are cheaper options in different areas of England but if you want to live in the capital or any of the major cities then you will be paying a lot more.

buy a house

It depends on your situation to whether you want to rent or buy a house and both have there good and bad bits.

With buying a property you will need a deposit in the region of twenty to thirty percent of the valuation of the house. This can take some time to save up if you do not have any help and this is one of the reasons that people decide to rent.

Once you have your deposit in place you will need to shop around for a mortgage and the best place to start will be with your bank. If you can not agree with them then you will have to shop around. You can still have a mortgage with another bank other than your own. You will have  to go through a series of credit checks and the company may contact your employer to check that you work there and see that you gave the correct salary to show that you can afford the repayments.

Renting a property will allow you to move around if you wish to as you can get a short contract of 6 months to a 1 year one. You will have to pay a deposit of around one months rent on top of your first months rent in advance.

buying a home

Andrew Charalambous is a London property owner that has a different view on the way that he rents out his properties. He does not charge admin fees or asks for a deposit from his tenants as he feels that is should be made easier for people on lower incomes to find a suitable property for their family and not be discriminated in any way.

He fells that this improves the relationship beteent tenant and owner.

You can find out more about Andrew Charalambous from the official Andrew Charalambous Blog.

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