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Dogs have the power of baking, and therefore they are known to be the safe-keepers of the house. Expecting a dog never to bark is very much like asking a child not to cry! This is for the ones who bark excessively! If your dog barks way too much and it sounds unreasonable to you or is disturbing the society you live in you have to get down knowing its reason altogether.

Why dogs bark?

Dog barking always has some reason behind it. They can be categorized like:

Protective barking: When an animal or person enters your area/territory, and the dog finds it as a potential threat they park for protecting. As closer the danger gets, the barking gets louder. This baking is healthy!

barking dogs

Fear/noise bark: Some dogs are sensitive towards the sound and start barking at every musical sound that they hear of. Therefore, any noise, high music, honking of cars or shouting of people excessive barking begins too.

Unhappy barks: There are times when the dogs feel lonely/sad/bored to the core. At this time barking makes them take out the frustration and make some noise in the otherwise silent space. This unhappy barking even brings you to their attention and take their care.

Seeking attention: of course, a lot of dogs bark for the sheer reason of gathering attention. When they want something, eat something or want to go out they bark excessively to convince you!

Anxiety barking: Some dogs bark to beat their loneliness and anxiety. The excessive barking is their way of exhibiting the deep fear they feel. The excessive barking, repetitive movements etc. make them calm down after a long time but can be very difficult for you to cope with.

When you understand the manner of your dog barking, you can quickly try to work on the cause and control the dog’s excessive barking.

How to treat the dog to stop excessive barking?

Treating the dog to stop from excessive barking requires a lot of patience and time. If your dog has been into excessive barking for a long time, it may take even longer to make them stop doing it. Here are some tricks that shall help you:

  • Dont Shout Stay Quiet

Shouting back at your dog when they are barking is almost equal to you barking too. It acts as a stimulant to their barking. The act makes them think that you are joining them in the act making them bark more. The best way to go about it is not to reward them with anything while they are barking. Excessive barking, when followed by the positive reaction, leads to developing a habit of more excessive barking.

how to stop the barking dogs

You can practice being quiet and patient when your dog is barking over an issue. Wait for them to calm down or get tired and then praise them or rub their skin or give them a treat. Eventually, the dog shall figure out that staying calm brings them a treat and they shall practice that more!

  • Teach words like quiet

Teaching the dog words like quiet instead of dont shout helps! The dog becomes aware that when they keep calm and quiet, they are taken care of. The attention and love seeker that dogs are this reward will always keep them motivated!

  • Tire them out!

If your dog barks excessively because of boredom, demand play or depression its time to give them an adrenaline rush. Get involved with them in some game, run, or activity which tires them out entirely. Get some accessories from and use them to shift from barking to being active and then sleeping off.

  • Check the dog

When the dog barks excessively there can be a potential pain, they are suffering from. Give them a thorough analysis and find if they are injured. This shall calm them down even if they are in pain. Excessive barking will stop while helping you track the problem too.

  • Fight with the reason of barking

Like stated earlier the dogs barking is for a reason. Track their reason and deal with it to stop excessive barking. If they bark in loneliness, give them companionship. If they bark over protectiveness, keep them in a much-protected environment. If they bark for attention, you arent providing them enough! If they are dealing with any mental problem find a cure like taking to a doctor, make them play, run etc.

What not to do when your dog barks excessively?

Dog barking excessively can be treated with time and consistency, but there are a few things that you shouldnt do to control them.

  • Stop rewarding

Never reward your dog when they bark. This will only give them the confidence to bark more. Reward them for their quiet behaviour.

  • Dont use the shock collars

Shock collars give your dog a jolt each time they bark on a higher pitch. Although technologically promoted these can be harmful for your dog – Not recommended!

  • Dont lock them up

Making the dog locked up in the room or their house can only make them more depressed and aggravate their barking. Let them be around you while they are barking. Be patient. Soon enough they will stop barking or revolting.

*Please note that barking is dogs nature. It is what makes them who they are! It is the excessive barking that sounds unreasonable which needs control. Give your dog enough space to bark and express themselves!


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