If there are chords and cables running around on the floors of a building or an office for a house outdoor cable cover is required. There are many different kinds of cord covers. There are light capacity cord covers which are designed for home or office use. Just like their name describes there I do for light traffic and little wear and tear. By no means should be is covers be used outside or outdoors.
They are easy to use which make them a great quick fix option for most people in the market for cord cover protection. Then there are medium capacity cord covers this cable covers allows more traffic to pass through both foot traffic and automobile traffic. Medium cable covers serve double duty of protecting wires while at the same time preventing trip hazards and Falls these can be used in areas like schools libraries are grocery stores and can even be used outdoors.
Then there are high capacity cable covers for cord covers. high capacity cord covers are sturdy industrial tools ready to take all weight and plenty of foot traffic. Besides cables they can be used for the protection of houses are cables and wires and pipes. These are the kind of covers that I used on busy streets to protect both the cables and the people crossing over them

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