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Hiring a skip and skip permits can be tedious and inconveniencing; which is why more and more Londoners are opting for private rubbish removal companies. Express Waste Removals is here to handle all your building waste; we are a professional and affordable waste removal company. Our track record is impressive, we have worked with many home and business owners across the city, we ensure that all the waste collected from your premises is disposed of in accordance with the laws and regulations. We understand just how stressful builders waste can be especially if the construction involved was large. Rather than rely on Skip hire services that may take a bit longer, we are always glad to step in and help you get the job done.

What does building waste really include?

Indeed, the term building waste is broad and wide. Most London home and property owners hardly take time to consider how theyll dispose of their building waste once the project is over; they often get carried away by the prospects of completing their structure, and moving in or renting them out. But hey, wait a minute! Thousands of tons of builders waste are generated in London each week, and most of this can be recycled. Usually, building waste includes anything from concrete, nails, iron sheets, metal rods, wires and wire cables, adhesive cans and containers cement papers, pieces of wood, tiles, and so on so forth. Basically, the waste includes not just the rubbish left behind during construction, but also the usable materials left behind. Although it is easier to throw away all these items together, Express Waste Removals always takes time to sort through all the waste so as to determine what can be reused or recycled, and what needs to end up in the landfill. Our waste collection teams are highly skilled and equipped, they ill advice you on the best way to go about disposing all your building waste.

Whats the importance of proper disposal of building waste in London?

Well, the law is very clear that all landlords or building owners are responsible for the safe and proper disposal of their building waste, once a building under construction is completed. But even the law aside, you have every reason to ensure that such waste is well disposed. The old, rusty nails left behind could cause serious injuries to children playing around, or even puncture your car tyres. Other waste like adhesive and paint can be highly toxic of inflammable if left lying around. Thus, we always encourage building owners to start making plans for waste removal long before the building is complete. Rather than let the building waste pile up and form a mountain, you can hire us and lets collect and clear the waste as it gets generated. This way, you are able to have peace of mind knowing that once the building is complete you wont have anything to worry about. A clean site means that even potential tenants can visit when the building is under construction and make bookings or just do the viewing. A neat and clean construction site also helps create space you can use to plant grass, flowers, or construct pavements.

Why Express Rubbish removal?

When you hire our builders waste removalservices in London, you can always rest assured that;

  • You wont need to apply for any skip permit
  • We charge only for what we collect, no blanket or standard rates as is the case with skip services.
  • No loading or parking fees, our team will do all that for free.
  • We provide cleanup services, ensuring that no waste or rubbish is left lying in the driveway or parking lot.
  • We offer fast and efficient services, bookable either on short notice or even in advance.
  • Our waste removal teams are al carefully picked to ensure that they are physically fit and able to handle the task at hand.
  • We have some of the highest recycling rates of any waste collection company in the UK, over 80% of all the waste well collect ends up in recycling plant.
  • We also give free no obligation quotes to give you an idea of how much itll cost you to remove the waste.

Express Waste Removal has been serving the residents of London and surrounding areas for several years, we are reputable and professional. You will get value for your money plus much more. Feel free to speak to us today for more details, dont let your building waste stress you up or give you sleepless nights! We are the real pros, we assure you of nothing but professional, affordable, and super effective services. You can book us online or simply give us a call on 020 8099 9819 for fast rubbish removal services

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