How to setup WIFI Booster at home

Wi-Fi boosters have become affordable and necessary in almost every home. However, installation is still a difficult task for most people. When poorly set up, there may be dead zones within the compound or house that will affect the signal.

Wi-Fi boosters are built for easy setup and therefore do not require technicians. As such, it is essential to ensure you follow the easy guide that comes with the device to ensure there is functional connectivity within your home. Also, you can follow the simple guide in this article.

Finding a good location for a Wi-Fi booster is the most challenging step. You may get it wrong mainly if you have not used a Wi-Fi booster before. However, if you have, you probably know where the dead spots are in your home and finding a suitable location should not be a problem.

You should plug your Wi-Fi booster in once you find a good location for it. Once you plug it in, you can follow the manufacturer’s note on installation. Mostly, you will find these instructions in a booklet that comes with the booster. Alternatively, some manufacturers have developed apps that can guide you in setting it up.

The most significant step in the installation is connecting the Wi-Fi booster to your router. This step is more significant than other steps because you need to know how to press buttons correctly. Ideally, you should press the buttons simultaneously until the two devices connect.


You should find out if your device has an ethernet port. If there is, you should consider a wired connection. You can use a cable to connect the two and surprisingly, a wired connection works better and faster than a wireless connection.

The extension process can help with signals, but sometimes it may not be the case. You should remember that the booster may not maintain the same signal strength coming from the router. It is a side effect of the whole process, but still, it does not affect the network altogether.

If considering the Wi-Fi booster to buy, we recommend the MA-2500WF because of several reasons. However, the essential feature of this model is the ease of setting it up. It comes with cables and an antenna with no accessory requirements.

The MA-2500WF is a plug and use device because it immediately amplifies your signal once you plug it to a power supply.

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